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Nicolette is a Filipina with traces of Chinese blood. Born, raised, and living in the Philippines for 20 something years. Has a variety of alter-egos (Vampire, Blue Blood, Shadowhunter, Slytherin, Daughter of Poseidon, Summergirl). She believes that one of her goals in life is to spread POSITIVITY! Gadget-freak. Pseudo-Blogger-slash-Deviant. Takes pictures as an outlet of creativity but will never assume to be called a "photographer". Music is her way of life and rock is her religion.
She currently enjoys Milk Tea, Coffee, and Cupcakes. She also indulges in KPop and is admittedly an EXOtic and a LEDA.

Call me Nikki. A nickname derived from my name, Nicolette. My bestfriend call’s me Kix; my close friends - Nix; online it’s either Xin or Kini. I’m in my twenties but, more often than not, I still get mistaken as a 16 year old high school-er. I seriously have no qualms about that except when I’m buying a pack because it sucks to rummage thru my bag to get my driver’s license. I was born in the Philippines, I reside in one of Metro Manila’s big, polluted (don’t give me that look, you know it’s true!) cities. I’ve never been outside of the PI and have been out of Luzon just once (and I was too young to appreciate anything aside from the swimming pool).

I have a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, but I work for a BPO company. In all fairness it’s almost in the same direction (being of service to customers), so I really don’t think of complaining (for now). At least I earn money, I get to buy some of the things I want, & it pays the bills. Better than being a bum.:)

I’m an avid reader and my guilty pleasure is the Twilight Saga. If you have something against that then f*ck off. Since reading has been mentioned, I have various alter-egos (Vampire, Blue Blood, Shadowhunter, Slytherin, Daughter of Poseidon, and Summer Girl). If you understood whatever I just said then you have an idea about the books I read and love.

I deviate when I’m bored, as well as take photos. But the main reason I take photos is to deviate, not the other way around. I do not use (or own) a DSLR. What I have is my Sony DSC-N2 named Carlisle, whom I got for P4,000 (thank goodness for uncles who need cash, LOL). He’s a doll.

I’m a gadget freak and a shoppingera. If I had so much cash to spare (and very little bills to pay) I’d spend them all on gadgets, shoes, and books.

I have a bestfriend whom I’ve met way back when we in the 4th grade and the friend I’ve known the longest I met when we were in the 2nd grade (we’re still friends and we actually call each other twin). And I love my gay friends, uber. I seriously love my cousins.

Alco-sessions are love.

Alco-sessions + super friends / supahcousins = bliss.

I try my best to keep a positive attitude and spread positivity all though out.

I long for contentment.

I am love with the idea of being in love.

I’m hoping to meet my mister wrong who will make things right soon. My dad wants grandchildren already.

Things/Subjects I most probably reblog:

  • Jackson Rathbone
  • Twilight LULZ
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  • Matthew Gray Gubler
  • Criminal Minds
  • Ben Barnes
  • Hello Kitty
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  • Rainbow splashed pictures

Like I say to people who follow me out of the blue, I am not one to hoard followers (but gaining followers does wonders for the ego plus there’s bragging rights, but whatev), so I mostly ask people why they do. It’s a wonderful feeling to meet new people who share the same interest with me.

I have nothing against meeting new friends, whether you’re from where I am or you’re on the other side of the hemisphere. Friendship knows no bounderies, so talk to me.:)